PM Modi offers prayers at Varanasi Assi ghat, launches 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Varanasi, Nov 08 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his second day of visit to Varanasi by offering prayers at the ' Assi ghat' of river Ganga, assisted by five priests who supported him in performing the 'Ganga Pujan'. He also swept the ghat to mark the beginning of 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' from his parliamentary constituency, Varanasi. Several laborers joined him as he cleaned the ghat. Later in the day, he is scheduled to visit the Mata Anandamayee Hospital to take first hand stock of the functioning. Before flying back to the national capital, the Prime Minister will also pay a visit to the Banaras Hindu University (BHU). Nov 8, 2014

Modiss dynamic leadership will make India a leading sports nation: Sania Mirza

Indore, Nov 08 (ANI): Tennis star, Sania Mirza, interacted with college students in Indore city where she expressed the hope that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, India would become a leading sports nation in the world. Mirza also added that after spending 22 years as a sports person, she feels that the sporting culture in India is gradually changing, though even now, cricket remains the most popular game. Mirza further stated that youngsters in the country should be motivated to take up sports as a career option. Nov 8, 2014

Will be joining central government on November 9: Manohar Parrikar

Panaji, Nov 08 (ANI): Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar who could be the country’s next defence minister while addressing the last news conference in his present capacity said it was a tough decision to leave the state due to family reasons. He added that would join the central government on Sunday. He further stated that he would miss his family but the nation comes first. Nov 8, 2014

Kashmiris pet birds to reduce stress levels

Srinagar, Nov 08 (ANI): People in Jammu and Kashmir took to a new hobby of keeping birds as pets to reduce stress levels, mainly caused due to insurgency and recent floods, which left a trail of destruction in the valley. Petting birds has become a new fad among Kashmiris, who are thronging various pet shops of Srinagar to buy colourful winged birds like doves, parrots and pigeons. People are purchasing birds so that they can spend some time with the pet to relieve their stress, caused due to office, studies and circumstances in Kashmir. A customer, Mushtaq Ahmad, said keeping bird as a pet is the best hobby to avoid all type of anxieties. The shopkeepers say they bring birds from Delhi and Mumbai and are doing brisk business in the same. Nov 8, 2014

Inmates run matharon within walls of French prison

Five inmates at Nantes prison donned their running shoes Friday to experience "freedom within the walls" -- running a marathon in less than four hours within the prison walls. Duration: 00:54 Nov 8, 2014

Obama hosts Congress leaders after midterm debacle

After his party's "thumping" in this week's midterm elections, Barack Obama had lunch with Congressional leaders on Friday. As well as congratulating his Republican opponents, he commented on jobs figures released earlier in the day. Duration: 01:06 Nov 8, 2014

Ex-Yemeni leader supporters protest UN sanctions threat

Thousands of supporters of Yemen's ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh and Shiite rebels took to the streets Friday to protest threatened UN sanctions against the ousted strongman and insurgent chiefs. Duration: 00:40 Nov 8, 2014

Orion launch to test human flight risks in deep space

With memories still fresh of two commercial space flight accidents in the past 10 days, NASA is readying its first test flight of the Orion spacecraft that could one day carry humans to Mars. Duration: 00:38 Nov 7, 2014

NATO chief vows Afghan support as combat mission ends

NATO's new chief Jens Stoltenberg pledged Thursday that Afghanistan would not be abandoned when the alliance's combat mission ends next month after 13 years of fighting against resilient Taliban insurgents. Duration: 00:57 Nov 7, 2014

Brotherhood wants Jordan to scrap peace treaty with Israel

Muslim Brotherhood officials on Friday called on Jordan to scrap its peace treaty with Israel, during a protest in central Amman, after Israeli police clashed with Palestinian protesters at Jerusalem's flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque. Duration: 00:53 Nov 7, 2014