France: Distressed freighter to hit coast if salvage fails

A stricken cargo ship drifting on its side off the French Atlantic coast will run aground in southwest France if a renewed attempt to tow it to port fails on 1 February, a French maritime official said. The 164-metre-long Modern Express, which was transporting 3,600 tonnes of wood along with construction machinery from Gabon to France, has been drifting towards the coast since its crew was evacuated by helicopter last week. Feb 1, 2016

Donald Trump: I have ‘much more humility’ than people think

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, well-known for his harsh stance on immigration told CBSs Face the Nation, I do have much more humility than a lot of people would think. Trump, who has the edge in the race for the Republican nomination in Iowa, also defended his decision to back out of the last Republican presidential debate hosted by Fox News. I was treated very, very badly, they issued a statement that was an inappropriate statement, now what happened since then, they have been very, very nice, Trump said. Feb 1, 2016

Tough Guy 2016: Mud, fire and the Brandenburger Gate

Thousands of competitors gathered at a farm near Wolverhampton on 31 January to take part in what has been described as the worlds toughest one-day race. Battling along a mud-sodden 15km course, the competitors must overcome obstacles such as the Brandenburger Gate, a 40ft vertical wall climb, an underwater tunnel and the Anaconda, a series of concrete pipes fixed with hanging electric wires. Feb 1, 2016