Trisha turned a hot item girl!

There is a huge buzz over past few days that gorgeous Trisha Krishnan has turned a hot item girl. If the reports are to be believed, the hot and happening actress who is entertaining South Indian cinema lovers from past 10 years has sizzled for a special number in upcoming Superstar Rajinikanth starrer. Oct 4, 2014

Yaan Disappoints Movie Lovers

Ravi K Chandran's magic behind camera, this time did not work. His Debut Directorial 'Yaan' makes us yawn and forces us out of the cinema hall for a better experience outside. Starring Jeeva and Thulasi Nair, this action thriller failed to make any impact, inspite of its brilliant visuals by Manush Nandan. Ravi K is a better cinematographer, but too far away from story telling which is a different craft. Oct 4, 2014

Jennifer Hudson reveals 'Sex and the City 3' might happen

New Delhi, Oct 4 (ANI): Jennifer Hudson has just dropped a hint revealing that ' Sex and the City 3 ' might be on the cards. In a recent interview, she revealed some behind-the-scenes buzz for the third installment of the movie, a web portal reported. She said that the third installment might happen as somebody just came to her talking about the movie. Oct 4, 2014

Lindsay Lohan 's stage debut receives mixed reviews

New Delhi, Oct 4 (ANI): Lindsay Lohan, who forgot her lines on stage in her debut theatre performance, has got a mix review of her play Speed-the-Plow. British and American newspapers have criticized Lindsay's move and some have still stick to the old view of the 'Dramaqueen' being a talented actress, media reported. She was helped by a prompt when she forgot her lines. Critics and reporters also had their view clashing with the director, Lindsay Posner, who did not admit it was a mistake to cast her for the role. Oct 4, 2014

The Sierra Maestra Mountains: where the Cuban Revolution began

The Sierra Maestra mountain range in Cuba is where Fidel Castro set up the command of the Cuban Revolution two years before seizing Havana in 1959. Today, the mountain has become one of the island's main tourist attractions. Duration: 01:44 Oct 4, 2014