Disney's "Big Hero 6" released in US theaters

After the success of "Frozen" Disney Animation Studios has a new movie out in US theaters Friday: "Big Hero 6", the story of a little boy and his robot friend trying to be super heroes. Duration: 01:15 Nov 8, 2014

Artist formerly known as Cat Stevens back on tour

The folk-pop legend Yusuf Islam - formerly known as Cat Stevens - is back on tour with a new album that mirrors the songs of his heyday, his love for the blues and his dual identity. Duration: 01:52 Nov 8, 2014

Naomi Campbell still 'scared' of runway

New Delhi, Nov 7 (ANI): Naomi Campbell has admitted that she still gets scared before hitting the runway. She revealed that she cross her fingers before she go onto the runway and pray that her dress won't fall off, a leading daily reported. She continued that fear was a terrible thing to have and she had been aware of that since she was a kid. She added that fear could stop one doing things in their life and she did not want fear to get hold of her. Nov 7, 2014