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C/O (Care of) Kancharapalem has received rave reviews from Nani, Navdeep among other celebs and viewers, who watched the movie in a special screening held in Hyderabad on Sunday, August 26.

C/O Kancharapalem is scheduled for worldwide release on September 2. Rana Daggubati, who is producing it under his banner Suresh Productions, recently kick-started the promotion. He has worked on several unique marketing strategies for the film. As a part of it, the actor-turned-producer also held a special screening of the film on August 26.

On August 25, Rana Daggubati tweeted, "Hello Hyderabad, as #CareofKancharapalem gets closer to release, we are hosting special Preview shows specially for fans and movie lovers. To be invited, all you need to do is tweet with #CoKfrom7thSeptember or RT this tweet."

Written and directed by Maha Venkatesh, C/O Kancharapalem is an unconventional love story set in the town Kancherapalem. The movie deals with the stories of a 49-year-old unmarried man, young boy and wine shop guy.

Soon after watching it, some celebs and viewers took to Twitter to share their reviews on C/O Kancharapalem. They said that although the movie looks raw and real, it is very cute. Its characters and story are quite relatable and the film makes you laugh and cry. Some viewers have also claimed that It will redefine Telugu cinema.

Here are some celebs and viewers' review on C/O Kancharapalem:

Actor Nani: #CareOfKancharapalem is MAGIC. Made me laugh, Made me cry and it touched my heart. This one is my favourite film in a long long time. Pure gold! Plz plz plz don't miss it!

Actor Navdeep‏: Just watched c/o kancherapalam....! What a masterpiece! Pure gem of a movie! @ranadaggubati #checkmate

Director Chaitanya Dantuluri‏: My respect to @venkateshmaha25 and the entire cast and crew of #CareofKancharapalem for a very important film in our times. It is one of those genuinely redefining cinema I have seen in Telugu. This film assured my belief on original cinema and deserves all the radical sensation.

Sateesh Botta‏ @bkrsatish

#CareofKancharapalem one of the best movies I have watched. A CLASSIC. Chinnappati nunchi chusina kancharapalem lo 2.5 hours spend chesi vachinattu undi tappa movie chusinattu ledu. Kudos to the director for your brilliant work and thanks @SureshProdns for bringing this to us

Baradwaj Rangan @baradwajrangan

Saw a preview of the Telugu film, Maha Venkatesh's "C/o Kancharapalem." Charming. Funny. Hugely affecting, with a terrific twist that reshapes not just what you saw but the very *idea* of love. The @FilmCompanion review will be up closer to release, but watch out for it.

Kohinoor-E-Hyderabad‏ @myscribblings

#careofkancharapalem has a story that all of us can relate to. Fine acting with wonderful direction has made it an exemplary movie. Got engaged in the movie from the beginning to the end. Thank you @SureshProdns. It was a Sunday well spent.

Manisha Eerabathini‏ @meerabathini

#CareOfKancharapalem blew my mind. I teared up 5 times. You have to watch it - it's releasing soon in theaters! #Amazing

Dev Rajulapati‏ @Urstruly_Dev

#CareofKancharapalem A raw nd bold film which makes u relate it vid either you or your fellow being... A very well written script nd u find no single unwanted scene... Trust me one can experience a smile on their face fr that climax... @SureshProdns @RanaDaggubati Congos

Keerthana.‏ @nebulochaoticaf

#CareofKancharapalem is everything you'd want a film to be. It's real, funny, clever, relevant, touching, and feministic even. If you love cinema as a form of storytelling as much as I do, you'd tear up at its mere existence.

Not a doctor‏ @cursed_katana

#CareofKancharapalem : A k.Balachander-esque film with a twist. Its immersive and evocative. A beautiful story about love at the core, but it also poses lots of valid questions at the society like no other film did before.

TeamDaggubati™‏ @TeamDaggubati1

Preview show watched with @venkateshmaha25 . Movie is a new talent and Fabulous Four love storys with All Age groups All emotions and funny element's considered. Congrats to @RanaDaggubati for presenting a #CareofKancharapalem Movie Thanks to @SureshProdns

VC.‏ @vc19_vineeth

#CareofKancharapalem is a brilliant movie. You cry with it, You laugh with it, You giggle as it moves on, on and as the striking resemblance to some events in your life.

Suresh‏ @LovelysSuresh

#CareOfKancharapalem - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ So So So Natural, Real and Authentic with pure love and innocence. Dive into the world of #Kancharapalem and fall in love...Highly Recommended... Detailed view after the movie release... #CoKfrom7thSeptember @SureshProdns