Mahat and Gayathri
Mahat and Gayathri.Screen Shot From Bigg Boss Tamil Promo Video

Gayathri Raghuram, who was the most-loathed contestant from the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil, has extended her moral support to Mahat Raghavendra after he came under severe criticism over his behaviour in the Tamil reality show. Bigg Boss Funny Memes are here.

The actress and choreographer has stated that the Bigg Boss was just a "platform" for him and that life is not over for him while asking him to stay strong.

"Stay strong @MahatOfficial Biggboss is a game show not real life. Ur real friends are outside. You dint know what is real. Ur future & talent is in ur hands can show it outside in many ways. BB is just a platform. If it went wrong there is always a sec chance. This is not the end [sic]," she tweeted.

Defending him further, Gayathri said, "viewer commenting bad things about a person in bad way is no greater than ppl in game show. the mistakes done in game show is lesser than some ppl in real life commenting and disrespecting in filthy way. ur bad comments will not make us weaker and stop us from growing. [sic]"

Reacting to the alleged comments made by choreographer Kala Master where she called him "mental," Gayathri tweeted, "Nobody has rights to call someone else son a mental. Some ppl give interviews for their own trp. I feel bad for such ppl. Any sport or games swearing disrespecting is common for rivals to trigger them to make them lose their confidence and temper. No justification. [sic]" 

Mahat Raghavendra's behaviour in Bigg Boss Tamil has been slammed by the public. His bonding with Yashika and the way he treated Mumtaz in the recent weeks earned the wrath of the viewers.

Nonetheless, there are many people who have extended their support to Mahat stating that he was a bad person, but he was constantly triggered by Yashika who treated him like her defence of line. 

Even contestants like Riythvika and Janani Iyer shared the same feeling before his exit stating that he was a good person who was influenced to do bad things on the show.

Like him, Gayathri was under verbal attack from netizens and she continues to be trolled even now.