Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date and Specifications: What We Know So Far

The release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may be months away but it has started gathering hype now that devices like the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, HTC One M9, Sony Xperia Z4 and others have being launched. Several specifications of the device have also been leaked, giving prospective buyers a rough idea of what it will be like when it actually hits the stores. Apr 22, 2015
iPhone 7 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7: How Will The Ultimate Flagship Battle Pan Out At Launch? Specs Comparison

iPhone 7 Release Date and Expected Features: Should You Buy iPhone 6 or Wait for its Successor?

Everything around Apple's purported upcoming flagship smartphone, the iPhone 7, is blurred at the moment with the company maintaining utmost secrecy like it used to but several expected features of the device have been leaked amid reports whether its release would happen this year or in 2016. This uncertainty will confuse many whether to buy the present iPhone 6 or wait for its successor, the iPhone 7. Apr 21, 2015