OnePlus Holds CM12S Rollout To Add New 'OK OnePlus' Feature; Will It Replace 'OK Google'?
OnePlus To Bring 'OK Google' Rival 'OK OnePlus' As A Part Of CM12S UpdateCyanogen Blog

After months of delay, Cyanogen finally released new CM 12 OS (Android 5.0.2 Lollipop) to the 2014 flagship smartphone OnePlus One.

Soon after the OTA (Over-The-Air) release on 14 April, the roll-out processor was temporarily halted to include 'OK OnePlus', similar to the 'OK Google Now' hands-free voice-command feature, we see in the Android smartphones.

A few days back, the Cyanogen OS 12 update bearing the build number: YNG1TAS0YL roll-out was resumed. It is around 540MB in size and brings all the new features of Lollipop such as material design elements of visual, motion, interaction design, and graphic animation.

In addition to these features, Cyanogen, for the first time has integrated new email app powered by Boxer. It brings multiple account support, exchange support and canned responses for quick replies. Other customisations include sound alerts (bells or whistles), option to select different LED colour display for email notifications and many more.

There are so many new features for users to explore in the phone and numerous utility tools, which are hid deep inside the settings options, some rookies may find it too tedious to find them all in the OnePlus One. To help find the features, OnePlus forum member, going by the moniker, VinceCgto has listed top tricks and tips to fully utilise the Cyanogen's all new CM OS 12.

Check out the tips below:

Firstly, we would like to remind our readers that certain settings options like 'Scanning always available' are turned on by default, but for other features, we have to manually activate, so go to

Settings >> About phone >> turn 'Advanced mode' to ON.

Once done with the aforementioned procedure, we can now move on to dig new features in the Cyanogen OS 12.

Where to find key settings options:

Performance setting:

It is hidden under Battery option; to activate it:

Go to Battery >> Battery mode >> select any three options – Performance/ Balanced/Power Saver - based on your requirement.


Contacts are listed based on last name by default, but if you like to change the order on first-name basis, you can do so in app setting. But strangely, this change is reverted back to default last-name based list. If you really want the contacts listed based on last name, use the Home button to get out of the app and don't close it.

How to set lock-screen wallpaper:

Just go to Themes >> Settings icon >> Lockscreen wallpaper;

How to get screenshot of the smartphone:

Press-hold the Power button + Volume down keys simultaneously to get screen-shot;

Users can also perform the same operation by using just power. You just need to change the setting options of power button to make it happen.

Go to Settings >> Buttons >> Power menu > Screenshot

How to start Screen capturing:

Press and hold Power button + Volume up keys.

How to initiate Screen pinning:

Go to Settings > Security > Screen pinning ON.

How to actually pin the app:

Go to the Recent menu and pin the app. You can only pin the app you opened last.


  • Settings > Privacy > Privacy Guard > Long press Google Play Services and disable 'Wake up' and 'Keep awake' (I (VinceCgto) disabled 'Location' as well, but haven't properly tested yet)
  • Settings > Wi-Fi > Click on the dots > Advanced > Turn off 'Scanning always available', set 'Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep' to 'Never' or 'Only when plugged in' and turn on 'Avoid poor connections'
  • Turn off 'Location' and 'Sync'
  • Set Mobile data connection to '2G' when you're on Wi-Fi

Lock-screen options:

Go to Security >> Clear Credentials (None/ Swipe)

Adaptive brightness (aka new Automatic brightness):

When you set this option, brightness should be adjusted according to the available light. So when it's dark, the screen gets dimmer. When the Sun is shining vibrantly, the screen gets brighter.

To offset this behaviour (set it dimmer/brighter), you move the slider lower/higher than 50%. So 50% should be the middle point and setting it to 30% should offset the algorithm by 20%.

Where to find Boxer email app:

For the uninitiated, Cyanogen OS 12 comes integrated with email powered by Boxer. It is default email app of phone. If you have unknowingly deleted it, you can download the app, HERE.

Where to find App Launcher:

Since the default launcher is a bit heavy and hampers the phone's performance, VinceCgto recommends users to download a third-party Lollipop launcher (HERE).

Where to find Google Now app:

Google Now app does not come preloaded in the new CM OS 12; you can download the app on Google Play store (HERE).

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It has been learnt that some features like 'Ambient display' are not working in the phone and also some people have complained that messaging app seems to crash after user upgraded to Cyanogen OS 12 via OTA. Fret not, Cyanogen is expected to roll-out software patch very soon.

[Credits: OnePlus Forum member- VinceCgto]