symbolic mask of the hacktivist group Anonymous
symbolic mask of the hacktivist group AnonymousReuters

Global hacker group Anonymous claims to have taken down the website of Indian telecom regulator TRAI. The incident happened right after TRAI released the email IDs of Indian netizens who wrote to it in support of net neutrality.

Claiming responsibility, Anonymous India posted a series of tweets and threatened that the TRAI website will soon be hacked. Anonymous, the hacker group is known for standing by the masses on social issues.

From Ku Klax Klan to Charlie Hedbo attack and its strong stand against the extremist jihadist group Isis, Anonymous has always protested in its own unique way.

Through a series of tweets @opindia_revenge the official Twitter handle of Anonymous India has claimed the attack has been performed through the DDos method.

For the uninitiated, net neutrality allows every internet user to freely access any content or application without restrictions. Once you pay for the data through your respective ISP, you have the freedom to access anything on the internet and at the same speed.

This means, you are allowed to decide on how to spend your allotted data, whether by watching a YouTube video, sharing WhatsApp messages or connecting with friends on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.