Mars helicopter

NASA sending a robot helicopter to Mars in 2020

The Mars Helicopter will be the size of a football and weigh about 1.8 kg. Its twin blade setup will spin ten times faster than Earth choppers and if it does manage to fly, it will take 90-second-long trips over the course of a month. May 13, 2018

Asteroid spotted past Neptune and no one knows how it got there

There is an asteroid near Neptune which should not be there. Most space rocks float in a belt between Mars and Jupiter, and this is one of the first asteroids that has actually traveled across three gas giants and settled in the far outer reaches of the Solar System. May 10, 2018
alien life

Alien life could be found by looking at a planet's changing seasons

One of the reason for life to flourish on Earth is the atmosphere, its composition and the way it reacts and changes to seasonal changes. If we were to look for just this in other worlds, it might be possible to detect or even confirm life in those planets. May 10, 2018