Merging Galaxies

Watch: Hubble footage of 2 galaxies crashing into each other

Two spiral galaxies, about 80 million light-years away, is crashing into each other in a slow, gradual merger that will last millions of years. This Hubble footage combines visible light with infrared and X-ray wavelengths to offer the best possible view of this slow dance of the cosmos. Apr 24, 2018
ISRO PSLV-C41/IRNSS-1I mission

From Chandrayaan-2 to GSAT-7A, ISRO set for a busy launch season

The Indian Space Research Organization is set to launch five satellites -- GSAT-11, GSAT-29, GSAT-7A, Chandrayaan-2, and Risat-2A -- in the next few months. These satellites will reportedly help the forces secure the land and sea and aid them when it comes to guarding the country's borders. Apr 23, 2018
Top 5 flat Earth conspiracies Play

Top 5 flat Earth conspiracies

According to a suprising amount of people, the Earth is flat and everyone else is wrong. Here are some of the crazy consipiracies that flat-Eathers belive. Apr 18, 2018
Watch 350,000 stars over the Anglo-Australian telescope Play

Watch 350,000 stars over the Anglo-Australian telescope

An international team of astronomers has revealed the DNA of more than 350,000 stars which might help find the siblings of the Sun, according to the GALAH survey launched in late 2013. Music: Space Jam by Bobby Cole/Audioblocks Apr 18, 2018