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Indian gay men say being victimized in fight against AIDS

New Delhi, Nov 30 (ANI): Indian gay men say they are being singled out and victimized in the country's fight against AIDS. As health workers and activists look forward to marking the World AIDS day on December 1 with some significant gains in their battle against the dreaded disease, Indian gay men said they are often targeted as the problem group and blamed for spreading the virus.Gay rights activist, Gautam Bhan, who had a tough time before coming out of the closet with his sexuality in front of his middle-class conservative parents, said Indians must stop creating an 'artificial divide' between the so-called high risk groups and heterosexuals, when it comes to AIDS. The members of the gay community in India say that even the government studies single out them as a high risk group, discriminating them from general population. Nov 30, 2013

Vijay Jolly believes 'political prosecution' carried on by Delhi Police against him

New Delhi, Nov 30 (ANI): As BJP leader Vijay Jolly accused of defacing Tehelka former managing editor Shoma Chaudhary's nameplate appeared again at the Saket police station on Saturday, he said that the Delhi Police is carrying on a 'political prosecution' against him. He said that he had just tried to support the victim and have not committed any heinous crime for such a prosecution to be carried on. He further said that this is done intentionally to keep him away from the election preparation at a time when BJP is bound to come to power. Nov 30, 2013
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Not playing politics over sexual assault case against Tarun Tejpal: BJP

New Delhi, Nov 30 (ANI): The BJP on Saturday claimed it is not politicizing the sexual assault case against Founder Editor of Tehelka Magazine, Tarun Tejpal. BJP leader Kirti Azad appreciated the victim for coming in front and protesting against the crime. The bail hearing of Tejpal, is underway in a Goa court. Mr Tejpal will be arrested if he does not get anticipatory bail by the court today. Nov 30, 2013
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India expresses concern over poll related violence in Bangladesh

New Delhi, Nov 30 (ANI): Union Foreign Minister, Salman Khurshid, said that India is worried over poll related violence in Bangladesh. The main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and its allies have organised a nationwide protest, demanding postponement of poll dates till an agreement is reached with the government on the formation of a caretaker government. It has led to massive violence in the country and deaths of dozens of people. New Delhi has appealed to its neighbour to ensure peace and stability. Nov 30, 2013
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Sexual harassment at workplace matter of concern for society: NCW

New Delhi, Nov 30 (ANI): After Tehelka sexual assault case accused Tarun Tejpal presented himself at the Goa sessions court wherein the prosecutors sought his 14-day custody, NCW member Shamin Shafiq said that it is Tejpal's duty to cooperate with the police. He said that the increasing number of sexual harassment cases is a matter of great concern for the society and it is always women who are victimized in the whole process. Further, talking about BJP leader Meenakshi Lekhi who has allegedly exposed the last name of the victim, Shafiq said that strict action will be taken against any leader for their insensitivity towards the victim. Nov 30, 2013
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Subrata Roy challenges Indian regulators to prove legal lapses against group

Kolkata, Nov 30 (ANI): Chief of Sahara conglomerate, Subrata Roy has said that he is ready to face challenges posed by the entire country to come clean on the valuation of its properties or liabilities to government regulatory bodies. Addressing a conference in Kolkata, Roy said that he is ready to be hanged if anyone can prove the charges against his group. Often dubbed as a billionaire by the Indian media, the Sahara chief had earlier been locked in a battle with the market regulator, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), over a bond scheme that the apex court deemed to be illegal, and was ordered by the regulator to provide details of his personal assets and two Sahara companies. Earlier this week, the apex court had barred Roy from leaving the country. His group had also been forbidden from selling any of its properties till the time the group would provide necessary documents to SEBI. Nov 30, 2013
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India not to compromise on food subsidy programme at WTO

New Delhi, Nov 30 (ANI): Commerce minister, Anand Sharma has stated that there will be no compromise on its Food Subsidy Programme at a WTO (World Trade Organisation) ministerial meeting next week that diplomats feel could be a stumbling block to the deal. Addressing a news conference in New Delhi, Sharma, who will lead the delegation to Indonesia, said a group of 33 countries was supporting India's stand on the food subsidy programme which he said was "sacrosanct, non- negotiable." The minister said public procurement could not be released for global trade. Nov 30, 2013
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Will cooperate with investigation: Tarun Tejpal outside Crime Branch office

Panaji, Nov 30 (ANI): Ahead of hearing on his bail petition, Tehelka's Founder-Editor Tarun Tejpal on Saturday visited the Crime Branch office in Goa. Tejpal, who has been accused by a journalist of rape, said he was cooperating in the investigation. The bail hearing of Tejpal, is set to being in a Goa court shortly. Mr Tejpal will be arrested if he does not get anticipatory bail by the court today. Nov 30, 2013
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Pro-Yanukovych protest in Kiev

Rival rallies were held in Kiev on Friday in support of and protest against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's decision to hold off signing an association agreement with the EU. Nov 30, 2013
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Acid attacks point to mounting religious tensions in Zanzibar

The families of two British teenage girls who had acid hurled in their faces in Zanzibar expressed frustration on Friday that no one has been charged almost four months later. The popular tourist island, off Tanzania, is facing rising concerns over the the spectre of radical Islam after a spate of church burnings, riots, acid attacks and assassinations. Nov 29, 2013
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Gold tiara worn by Victoria Beckham to be auctioned

A gold and diamond crown tiara worn by Victoria Adams when she married David Beckham, valued at £18,000-£25,000 and made by jewellery designer Slim Barrett, is to be sold by Bonhams on December 5 during their Fine Jewellery sale. Nov 29, 2013