India's Needleman
Bhupan Chandra Das in action.Youtube/Barcoft TV

Thirty-seven-year-old Bhupan Chandra Das from Assam may not be known around the world yet, but that day does not seem far.

Known as India's 'Needle man', Das can apparently stick 550 surgical needles on his face at once and claims he can do better.

According to a report by Huffington Post, Das said the moment he stuck 550 needles to create a record, he had to stop because he was restricted by time.

Hailing from a small village, Das is neither married nor interested in a regular job as he eagerly awaits the day his efforts and talent would be recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.
"I started doing stunts 15 years ago," Das told Barcroft TV in an interview. "I don't find it painful. I used to initially, but not now."

Das said he found his first inspiration to do the unusual act when he was in high school.

"Around 18-20 years ago, a stuntman used to come to my school to perform. A particular stunt caught my attention and I loved it. He used to stand on shards of broken tube lights and would lift 3,4 boys while doing that. Ever since that day, I used to dream, every single night, of doing similar stunts," Das said during the interview.

Das has found some fame by performing small time shows where he sticks about 50 to 100 needles on his face.

While Das enthusiastically nurtures his talent to make his claim to fame, his father Sambhuram Das said he has "never dared" to see his son's performance and seems far from impressed by Das's activities.

"I asked my son to discontinue such activity and find any job," Sambhruam told Barcroft. "I also told him to get married and start his life afresh."

The current official world record for most needles in a noggin is held by Wei Shengchu of China who has set the number at 2,188. The record was set on June 11, 2013.

Watch the video of Das's stunt and interview with Barcoft TV here:

(Warning: Graphic Content)