clashes-on-new-front-in-east-ukraine Play

Clashes on 'new front' in east Ukraine

Clashes erupted Tuesday close to the Russian border in the south of the war-torn Donetsk region where Ukraine accuses Moscow of trying to open a "new front" into government-held territory. Duration: 00:57 Aug 26, 2014
hamas-rocket-hits-private-house-in-israel Play

Hamas rocket hits private house in Israel

Israel upped pressure on Hamas Tuesday, with warplanes hitting two Gaza City highrises on day 50 of their conflict as the warring parties mulled a new Egyptian truce proposal. Duration: 00:56 Aug 26, 2014
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Second-hand luxury goods market booms in France

A decade ago, French lovers of high-end fashion would not have dreamed of buying a pre-owned luxury fashion accessory. Now the second-hand market for luxury goods is booming, thanks to the internet. Duration: 02:13 Aug 26, 2014
jeb-bush-mulling-2016-presidential-run Play

Jeb Bush mulling 2016 presidential run

Jeb Bush, the former Governor of Florida, has not announced whether he will run for president in 2016, but he looks like a presidential candidate as he meets with voters around the country discussing issues such as immigration reform. Duration: 01:54 Aug 26, 2014
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UN envoy says 'war' on Ebola could take six more months

The UN's Ebola envoy said Monday the fight against the epidemic was a "war" which could take six more months, as its global health body claimed the disease was affecting an "unprecedented" number of medical staff. Duration: 01:30 Aug 26, 2014