Chinese man eats 2.5kg of chillies a day

Fifty-four-year-old Chinese man Li Yongzhi can take the heat. He starts his morning by eating several dried chillies hanging around his home, and brushing his teeth with the spicy fruit in his mouth, to wake him up. He then consumes a breakfast composed entirely of raw chillies and pure dried chilli powder, without flinching. Li says he eats about 2-2.5kg of them every day, on average. Nov 17, 2015

Britain develops cyber-attack powers to take on digital terrorism

British spies are developing an offensive cyber capability to attack terrorists, hackers and rogue states, finance minister George Osborne said on Tuesday (17 November) after warning Islamic State (IS) militants wanted to launch deadly cyber-attacks of their own. Osborne said IS fighters were trying to develop the ability to attack Britains infrastructure such as hospitals and air traffic control systems with potentially lethal consequences. In response to this threat and others, Britain was creating its own offensive cyber capability so spies could launch counter attacks, he said. Nov 17, 2015