Hong Kong: Pole dancers prepare for World Championships

Pole dance national champions from over 10 countries arrived in Hong Kong on Thursday (26 November) on the eve of their world championship event. A new category for the over 40s was introduced this year called the Masters, whose current champion is 65-year-old California native, Greta Pontarelli, who said she took up the sport seven years ago for health reasons. Nov 27, 2015

Pope Francis urges young Kenyans to reject corruption

Pope Francis urged Kenyans not to succumb to the sweet lure of corruption, as he addressed a gathering of the countrys youth on Friday (27 November). Scrapping a pre-prepared script, the Latin American pope addressed a packed Nairobi stadium with the down-to-earth and spontaneous style that has endeared him to Catholics and others around the world. Nov 27, 2015