Tennessee bus crash
Christopher Hart (C), chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, speaks with Chattanooga Police and Tennessee Highway Patrol officers while viewing the wreck of a school bus in which several children were killed, at a depot in Chattanooga, TennesseeNTSB/Handout via REUTERS (Representational Image)

A school bus carrying 50 students overturned and fell into a trough in Andhra Pradesh on Monday, January 28.

The accident took place in the Guntur district of the state when the students of Krishnaveni Talent School were travelling in the school bus which toppled over and fell into a culvert.

At least 17 students have been reported to be injured and 3 of them are in critical condition. The injured students have been admitted to a nearby hospital

The bus driver has been alleged to be drunk during the time of the accident and is being questioned by the police.

(awaiting further updates)