Blue Moon 2012: Stunning Photos of Rare Astronomical Events [PHOTOS]

"Once in Blue Moon" is not just a phrase but it is a rare phenomenon which occurs every 2.7 years. Friday's night was the night when we were treated with second full moon in August at around 19:28 PM IST. The first full moon occurred on Aug. 1 in US and on Aug. 2 in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Sep 1, 2012

CERN Found God Particle? What Is The Higgs Boson?

Scientists at the CERN research centre near Geneva, Switzerland, unveiled their latest findings on Wednesday in their search for the Higgs boson, also known as God particle, a subatomic particle believed to be key to the formation of stars, planets and eventually life after the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. Jul 4, 2012