A lot has been said and written about the upcoming 'apocalypse' on 28 September. The theory that all life on the planet will cease to exist was trigerred by reports that the moon will take up blood colour on the day. 

While reports are out there in abundance that a huge asteroid will wipe out life anytime between 23 and 28 September, conspiracy theorists are up at it again, with the latest claim being the world will actually come to an end with an alien invasion. 

Wait! Where did the aliens come into this all of a sudden? According to the conspiracy theorists, neither earthquakes nor asteroids will bring about the end of the world later this month, but a massive alien invasion. 

Apparently, the theory was sparked after reports of meteors burning up over the skies of Iran on 30 July, with some space rocks also landing on earth, were circulated across every social media platform out there.

Now there are claims that this was actually a joint operation between Iran and Russia to blow up an alien craft that "had been sent here to monitor Earth before it is destroyed at the end of September". And according to the theorists, the limited coverage of the meteorite was proof that it was a cover-up to prevent global panic ahead of a cataclysmic asteroid hit this month.

The Daily Sheeple, which is carrying the baton for the conspiracy theorists and has sworn to "wake up" people to the truth, stated: "While NASA did put out a report debunking claims that an asteroid would wipe out Earth this coming September, people might have a hard time believing them when they can't even respond to a real meteor impact in Iran."

But the "theories" don't stop there. Another site, called UFOsightingshotspot.co.uk, reported: "A disturbing new report being circulated in the Kremlin today by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) states that 'significant elements' of the newly created Aerospace Defence Forces (VKO) and the 22nd Spetsnaz (Special Forces) Brigade are currently being deployed throughout the Islamic Republic of Iran. And are working in conjunction with the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (IRGC) to 'inspect and identify' items within the massive debris field that resulted from the 31 July shoot down of an alien spacecraft."

The website stated that the so-called UFO reconnaissance mission was conducted ahead of a forthcoming alien attack at the end of this month. "The identification of this alien spacecraft, this report continues, was made by the newly created Aerospace Defence Forces (VKO) on 29 June after it attempted to 'attack and destroy' another spacecraft entering the atmosphere of our Earth over the State of Texas," it said, according to a previous Express report

Further, the theorists also claimed that President Vladimir Putin ordered the removal of the "UFO debris" back to Russia. Here's a full video report about the upcoming 'apocalypse'.

Do you think the world will end this September? If so, what is your choice of apocalypse (asteroids, earthquakes, alien invasions, Donald Trump)? Let us know in the comments section below.

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