Mount Aso, one of Japan's largest and most active volcanoes, erupted on Monday, sending ash and smoke high up in the air, stranding tourists and affecting flights. 

Mount Aso erupted at 9.43 am local time, The Japan Times reported, and it spewed ash up to 6,000 feet high.

No casualties have been reported so far, though there were said to be many tourists in the area at the time of the eruption, the local media said.

The Sendai nuclear plant, which was restarted in August following the Fukushima nuclear disaster, is only 160 kms from Mount Aso, but the Kyushu Electric Power Co said there was no impact on the plant, Reuters reported. 

Japan has been facing pressure from many of its citizens over restarting nuclear plants in the country, after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami caused a nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima plant.

Japan Airlines reportedly said that flights at the Kumamoto airport were affected due to the volcanic eruption on Monday.

Mount Aso, located on the Kyushu in the Kumamoto prefecture, is among the 100 active volcanoes in Japan's 'Ring of Fire', which refers to the horseshoe-shaped position of the volcanoes along the Pacific Ocean. 

Mount Aso had reportedly had a small eruption in August, according to The Associated Press.