Even as debates on existence of aliens continue, UFO (unidentified flying object) enthusiasts keep coming up with claims of spotting strange extraterritorial objects. Now, some have claimed that a giant stone disc found is Russia could be UFO debris.

Kosmopoisk, a group with interests in ufology, cryptozoology and other mystery investigations, led by Russian UFO researcher Vadim Chernobrov found a 4-meter stone disc in Zhirnovsky district near Volgograd, Russia, according to a report by Russian website Bloknot Volgograd (via Metro).

We may see it as just a big rock but UFOlogists and alien conspiracy theorists see something different that may sound weird to many.

Vadim told the Russian website that the 4-meter stone disc that was found last week is from space and is different from a dozen of such stone they have collected.

The report claimed that the stone might be about one million years old and didn't rule out presence of metal tungsten, which is used in military technology. It went on to say that the stone disc is being kept in Zhirnovsky Museum and examinations are on to find out the content.

Interestingly, Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily thinks that the stone disc could be a military drone or a manned vessel. 

"It looks to me like the stone disks I've seen in Mars NASA photos, which leads me to conclude that this UFO is a military drone, but it was probably damaged during the Mars attack and got off course, crashing on Earth," wrote Waring.

"This one is also big enough it might not be a drone, but a manned vessel. Remember alien have the power to make anything fly, regardless of weight," he added.

Well, it may be noted that the stone disc can be just another piece of rock that got its circular shape over time, as the claims made by UFOlogists have not an iota of scientific truth.