Male Brown Bears Caught Performing Oral Sex (Representational Image) [Wikimedia Commons/kallerna]

Male Brown Bears Seen Performing Oral Sex

A pair of male brown bears in Croatia has been observed engaging in frequent oral sex by researchers, who have been recording their performance for the last six years. Jun 18, 2014

How to make chocolate brownies

Though we tried, ironically, the experience of indulging in a chocolate brownie can only be described by the word 'ineffable'. But, funnily enough, the making of the chocolate brownie isn't nearly as hard as describing its experience. So here it is for you. Tested tried and jotted down. Jun 18, 2014

Breatharian: The Art of Living without Food

The Breatharians are those who living on light and energies derived from the sun. But it is no magic trick. Prana Yoga as it is otherwise called, was practiced by many a wise person, for centuries, in India. Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: A Ventuno Production Jun 17, 2014
International Space Station Gets its First Coffee Machine (Representational Image) [sh0dan/Flickr]

International Space Station Acquires its First Coffee Machine

Two Italian companies will be bringing brewed coffee to the International Space Station (ISS) for the first time in November 2014. The companies have designed an exclusive machine that will allow ISS astronauts to sip hot coffee in space as an alternative to the instant coffee that has been the only choice aboard the space station. Jun 17, 2014
Female Indian Rhino Born in New York Zoo through Insemination (Representational Image) [Reuters]

Female Indian Rhino Born in New York Zoo through Insemination

A female Indian rhino calf was born on 5 June at the Buffalo Zoo, New York through artificial insemination. The sperm of a male rhino, who died at Ohio's Cincinnati Zoo, ten years ago, was used . Since 2004, the sperm of Jimmy, was stored in the Zoo's Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife (CREW) CryoBioBank. Jun 17, 2014

Helmet-Shaped Device Detects Strokes in Seconds

The helmet-shaped stroke finder that works by examining brain tissues can provide results within seconds, according to the study published in the Transactions on Biomedical Engineering journal. Jun 17, 2014
US Navy Plans to Launch Small Military Drones from Ships (Representational Image) [Reuters]

US Navy Plans to Launch Small Military Drones from Ships

A new agreement has been signed by the U.S. Navy and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to launch a program that will build long-range, small reconnaissance drones and can be launched from ships. Jun 17, 2014