Adam silly mocktail

In this episode of zero proof, we show you how to mix up this simple mocktail that has peach syrup and cranberrry juice. Oct 28, 2014

Fat Loss Bodyweight Workout Compilation

In case you missed it, here is a compilation of body-weight workouts you can do at home. Facebook - Youtube - A Ventuno Production Oct 27, 2014

Toxin-Producing Stem Cells to Fight Brain Cancer

In the new research, scientists used a biodegradable gel to deliver stem cells to brains of mice that have undergone the main tumour-removing surgery. A genetic code in the stem cells helped stem cells to produce and release toxins. Oct 27, 2014

Walnuts may Delay Onset of Alzheimer's Disease

A team of American researchers found that a diet rich in walnut lowered risk of developing the brain disorder, delayed its onset, slowed down its progression or prevented the disease. Oct 24, 2014