London Zoo has released a video of its baby sloth celebrating his first Halloween by playing with a special pumpkin carved by his keepers. Edward, a two-toed sloth who will be exactly five months old on Halloween (31 October), is being hand-reared by zookeeper Kelly-Anne Kelleher after his mother Marilyn stopped producing milk and was unable to feed him.

Named after famous movie character Edward Scissorhands because of his scissor-like claws, Kelleher said it took time for him to investigate his present. She said: Edward doesnt do anything quickly, so it took him a while to get up and climb over to take a look at his Jack o lantern – but he was really intrigued by the Halloween-inspired gift.

Unfortunately hes so slow that the cheeky tamarin monkeys that live in the Rainforest Life exhibit got to the pumpkin first and found all of the hidden treats.

She added: Edward is still being bottle-fed and getting stronger every day. Well continue to hand-rear him for as long as he needs the milk, and once hes eating a variety of foods and hes strong enough, were hoping to reintroduce him to Marilyn so she can take over parenting duties.

London Zoo is organising a Halloween-inspired event for children this half term, Boo At The Zoo, where visitors will be able to find out about nocturnal birds in the Owl Emporium and hear spooky storytelling in the Grim Curiosity Shop.