The mysterious Megalodon used to be a repetitive topic in "Shark Week" over the years, but now, the Monster Shark has become a tea-time topic for the people of the Carolinas. Locals have reportedly found shark teeth from Surf City to North Topsail Beach, thanks to Hurricane Joaquin.

All through October, a record number of teeth belonging to the pre-historic Megalodon have been found and their photos are being enthusiastically shared online.

Mary Wasserman wrote on the Surf City Online Gazette's FaceBook page: "I thought I spotted a large clam shell and then as the tide went out, I saw the tooth. My friend thought I was crazy diving into the water to grab the massive tooth!"

Megalodon reportedly went extinct 206 million years ago, and is said to be the largest shark that ever lived, with most paleontologists agreeing that it grew to at least 52 feet and a maximum length of 59 feet; around three times as big as the largest great whites.

Before it was identified as Megalodon teeth, the sharks' teeth were mistakenly thought to be dragon tongues and moon rocks.In 1666, Nicolaus Steno, a Danish scientist who was studying the teeth of great white shark, had come to the realisation that these petrified dragon tongues are in fact shark teeth.

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