A mystery object on fire that looked like a "crash landed UFO" (unidentified flying object) was spotted in the middle of the road in Kingston, West London last weekend, baffling the police who arrived at the scene after a member of the public alerted.

Police rushed to the spot after a complaint was logged about an unknown burning object lying in the middle of the road.

Kingston Police reported the incident with the caption "Have Kingston Police recovered the first UFO!?" along with photos on its Facebook page.

"Last night at around midnight a concerned member of the public called us on 999 stating that there was an unknown item on fire in the middle of the road," said the Facebook post. "Officers from Emergency Response Team A were dispatched along with the London Fire Brigade. When they arrived on scene they couldn't believe their eyes!"

Public was asked to identify the object from the photos posted.

"The officers that arrived on scene described the item as looking like a crash landed UFO! Can you work out what the item is from the picture? Comment below with your guesses!" continued the post.

"However on a serious note, anyone with information about this item and how it ended up being there please do contact us on 101 and quote CAD: 525/17OCT15."

Interestingly, Kingston Police seemed to be playing prank with the public, taking advantage of the unusual scene, as they left a note in the comment section that the object was not a "UFO" but a pizza oven.

"Pizza Oven, strange location for it to be and still to have a fire inside... Please call if you can help!" commented the police.

However, it is strange that a pizza oven is thrown onto the middle of the road, as it can obstruct movement of vehicles.