Yoga, Meditation Prevent Depression During Pregnancy

The University of Colorado Boulder study found that mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) was highly effective in lowering the risk of depression in pregnant women who had a history of the mental condition. Nov 21, 2014
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Herbs, Spices May Help Boost Heart'S Health

New Delhi, 20 Nov (ANI) : A new study has found that spices and herbs don't just add flavor to your food, but may also help boost your heart's health. The ingredients which are rich in antioxidants may help improve triglyceride concentrations and other blood lipids. Triglyceride levels rise after eating a high-fat meal which can increase the risk of heart disease and if a high-antioxidant spice blend is incorporated into the meal it may reduce triglyceride levels. Herbs and spices such as Cinnamon and Garlic help reducing the cholesterol level and decrease the risk of heart problem. Nov 20, 2014
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Too Much 'Junk Food' Can Lead To Memory Loss

New Delhi, 19 Nov (ANI): If you can't resist a burger, you are probably in a trouble as a new study has shown that too much of junk food can destroy your memory, especially of young to middle-aged men. Trans fats which are found in foods like high-fat cakes, pastries, chips and fast foods can lead to memory loss. Such foods have different effects on oxidative stress and cell energy and trans fats which have been prooxidant and linked adversely to cell energy might show the opposite effect. Oxidative stress has also been associated with the development of diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Nov 19, 2014