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Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov captured this never seen before bizarre fish species from Barents Sea north of Russia.Roman Fedortsov/Instagram

Roman Fedortsov, a Russian fisherman has become a household name on social media after he posted an image of a bizarre looking sea monster that has never seen before!

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He caught the sea monster from the icy Barent Sea, located in the north of Russia.

Fedortsov's latest catch is a white sea monster, which possesses a pair of wings and a huge mouth. Zoologists have yet to identify this strange creature, Science World Report revealed.

He has a huge collection of these unseen sea monster images on his social media accounts, some of these creatures look cute, while some look extremely creepy and scary.

Check out some of his stunning accidental catches from the deep sea:

This is a cartilaginous fish called Rfedortsov European Chimera (Latin Chimaera monstrosa). This species can be found in the Eastern Atlantic ranging from Iceland and Norway to the Mediterranean Sea and off the coast of South Africa, as well as the Barents Sea at a depth of up to 1,400 m.

This species can grow up to 1.5 meters in length and eats molluscs and small fish. It gives birth by laying eggs, the Instagram image description revealed.

Marine biologists and environmentalists are worried about these species as they can get impacted severely by the effect of climate change on the temperature in the deep sea and its effect on the food chain. These species can even become extinct because of the above reasons Beloit Daily News reported.

You can check out the other amazing bizarre catches by Roman Fedortsov right here!