New research shows dwarf planet has evidence of geological processes

A huge ice volcano has been discovered on Ceres, the dwarf planet that sits between Mars and Jupiter. Using imaging data from Nasa’s Dawn spacecraft, a team of scientists say they have found a 4km high cryovolcano formation, which has been dubbed Ahuna Mons. Sep 1, 2016

Michelangelo secretly painted symbols of female anatomy on Sistine Chapel

Michelangelo secretly painted symbols of the female anatomy on the Sistine Chapel, according to a team of researchers that used imaging software to analyse the ceiling. A team led by Deives de Campos of the UFCSPA in Brazil claims there are several representations of female anatomy. They think Michelangelo did this to spite the church as they ignored the female image and also banned human dissection for study. Sep 1, 2016

Extraterrestrial radio signals investigated

A curious radio signal picked up by a Russian telescope is probably not a transmission from an extraterrestrial civilisation, but astronomers in California are taking a second look anyway, the SETI Institute said. A group of Russian astronomers last year detected what appeared to be a non-naturally occurring radio signal in the general location of a star system 94 light-years from Earth. SETI astronomers have spent the last two nights using an array of radio telescopes in California to study the suspect star, HD 164595, which has one known planet in orbit. Aug 31, 2016