What does your handshake say? Experts reveal secrets behind grip's strength

A recent study has been able to reveal that the strength of one's grip during handshake can actually indicate how healthy their brain is. At the same time, a stronger grip also means a better functioning heart. This lead experts to try and figure out if weight training could improve brain functioning. Apr 23, 2018
ISRO PSLV-C41/IRNSS-1I mission

From Chandrayaan-2 to GSAT-7A, ISRO set for a busy launch season

The Indian Space Research Organization is set to launch five satellites -- GSAT-11, GSAT-29, GSAT-7A, Chandrayaan-2, and Risat-2A -- in the next few months. These satellites will reportedly help the forces secure the land and sea and aid them when it comes to guarding the country's borders. Apr 23, 2018
Muscular strength may enhance brain health: Study

Muscular strength may enhance brain health: Study

According to a recent research by NICM Health Research Institute and Western Sydney University showed that on an average, stronger people performed better in tests involving brain functioning. Apr 23, 2018

Summer skincare: 5 food items for better skin this season

With summer almost here, sunscreen is soon to become your best friend for not only every time you're stepping out, but indoors too. Yet they aren't the only thing you should swear by; try incorporating certain fruits, nuts and seeds in your diet to develop glowing, healthy skin! Apr 23, 2018

Can't sleep? Avoid these foods before you hit the sack

Having proper sleep at night is of utmost importance to keep ourselves healthy and feel fresh throughout the day. However, we sometimes eat food, which can keep us awake throughout the night by giving us bad tummy and gastritis. Apr 22, 2018