Pope Francis urges young Kenyans to reject corruption

Pope Francis urged Kenyans not to succumb to the sweet lure of corruption, as he addressed a gathering of the countrys youth on Friday (27 November). Scrapping a pre-prepared script, the Latin American pope addressed a packed Nairobi stadium with the down-to-earth and spontaneous style that has endeared him to Catholics and others around the world. Nov 27, 2015

Pope in Kenya: Tens of thousands turn out for Nairobi mass

Thousands of Catholic worshippers gathered in the Kenyan capital in spite of rainy conditions to attend a mass by Pope Francis on Thursday (26 November). Pope Francis waved towards the gathered crowds as he was driven past them on his Pope mobile on the way to the dais. The pontiff played down security fears about his trip, joking that he was more worried about the mosquitoes. Nov 26, 2015