Pro and anti-Donald Trump supporters clash in Baltimore

Pro and anti-Donald Trump protesters clashed outside the Baltimore Convention Centre on 12 September, as Donald Trump was addressing the National Guard Association. Anti-Trump protesters chanted, tore apart pro-Trump placards and held banners denouncing him and his campaign. As tensions rose scuffles between the groups occurred but no arrests were made. Sep 13, 2016

David Cameron resigns as MP: I dont want to be a distraction

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned as the MP for Witney, triggering a by-election in that constituency. David Cameron, who resigned after the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU, says the reason for his resignation is that he would be a distraction for the current government and he would not be able to fulfill the MP role for the people of Witney. Sep 12, 2016

Hundreds of thousands of Catalans rally in support of independence from Spain

Hundreds of thousands took to the street across Catalonia on 11 September to support independence from Spain which local leaders want to deliver in 2017, despite legal challenges by the Spanish government. In Barcelona alone around 540,000 people waved Catalonian flags and banners on La Diada, Catalonias national day. Sep 12, 2016