Unsolved killing of Latin American activists has left many frustrated Play

Unsolved killing of Latin American activists has left many frustrated

Mexico has emerged as one of the most perilous countries in the region. Organised crime, state-sanctioned intimidation and near-total impunity have proved to be a hazardous and often deadly combination for the many activists trying to protect the country’s natural resources. In January, Mexico’s Center for Environmental Rights (CEMDA) released a report that documented 63 attacks against environmental activists in 2015 and 2016. However, this only included cases reported on by the media or other NGOs, so the number could be much higher.The high rate of human rights abuses in Mexico has drawn increasing international attention: Baldenegro was killed while UN Special Rapporteur Michel Frost was in Mexico investigating attacks against activists. Still, the renewed global focus on the activists’ plight doesn’t mean the violence has waned. Baldenegro had been awarded the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize in 2005 for his campaign to protect Mexico’s ancient forests from illegal logging—the same work that led to his father’s murder 30 years ago. His death came less than a year after the shooting death of Honduran activist Berta Cáceres, who received the Goldman prize in 2015. “It used to be that when you got to that level of awareness about your work, it gave you some measure of protection,” says Article 19’s David Banisar. “Now even that seems to be undermined. It’s a good indication that things are getting worse.” Mar 14, 2017
Ugandans invent smart jacket to diagnose pneumonia Play

Ugandans invent smart jacket to diagnose pneumonia

Engineers from Uganda has developed a jacket to help diagnose pneumonia. The World Health Organization estimates that nearly a million children under five died from pneumonia in 2015, making it the single largest infectious cause of death in children worldwide. Mar 14, 2017