Rajnath Singh (L)

Rajnath Singh Elected Unopposed as BJP President

Former UP chief minister and party veteran Rajnath Singh has been elected unopposed as the BJP President on Wednesday. Singh emerged as a consensus candidate after current president Nitin Gadkari opted out of the race on Tuesday evening. Jan 23, 2013

Four Possible Outcomes of Karnataka BJP Crisis

The Bharatya Janata Party (BJP) government in Karnataka is pushed into a deeper crisis as two party leaders and loyalists of former Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa announced their decision to resign from the Legislative assembly. Jan 24, 2013

Telangana Crisis Worsens; Congress Leaders Threaten to Quit Party

With the United Progress Alliance (UPA) government failing to solve the Telangana statehood issue before the deadline it announced last month, agitation in the region intensified on Monday. Congress leaders from the region have threatened to quit the party if their demand for a separate state is not fulfilled. Jan 29, 2013