nitish-jealous-of-modi-as-he-is-nowhere-in-pm-race-shahnawaz-hussain Play

Nitish jealous of Modi as he is nowhere in PM race: Shahnawaz Hussain

Patna, Sep 14 (ANI): After Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Saturday said that announcement of Narendra Modi as BJP___s PM candidate was no surprise and was anticipated beforehand, BJP Spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain said that Nitish Kumar is jealous of Modi because he falls nowhere near the ongoing PM race. Further, he said that Kumar is trying to get publicity in the name of Modi. This came up after Kumar___s statement, ___Vinaash kaale vipreet buddhi___ (when downfall nears, one thinks and does the wrong). Sep 14, 2013
ap-singhs-remarks-causing-aspersions-on-nirbhaya-brinda-karat Play

AP Singh's remarks causing aspersions on Nirbhaya: Brinda Karat

New Delhi, Sep 14 (ANI): After Defence lawyer AP Singh in the Delhi gang rape gave a controversial statement against the victim of the case, CPI (M) leader Brinda Karat said on Saturday that Singh's remark is causing aspersions on Nirbhaya (victim). Karat further said that this is an outrageous statement on the part of a lawyer and that the Bar Council of India should take proper action on the same. Singh had earlier said that he would have burnt his daughter had she been out with her boyfriend late night, and had pre-marital sex. Sep 14, 2013
even-bjp-not-united-on-modi-how-will-country-be-asks-satyavrat-chaturvedi Play

Even BJP not united on Modi, how will country be, asks Satyavrat Chaturvedi

New Delhi, Sep 14 (ANI): After Narendra Modi___s anointment as BJP___s prime ministerial candidate, Congress leader Satyavrat Chaturvedi said on Saturday that even BJP is not united on the decision over Modi and expecting that country will be united on the same is no less than day dreaming. Further, he said that Modi is not an issue for Congress and that there will always be an ideological difference between the BJP and Congress. Sep 14, 2013
modi-let-down-every-person-who-support-him-digvijay-singh Play

Modi let down every person who support him: Digvijay Singh

Jhalawar, Sep 14 (ANI): After BJP President announced Narendra Modi as the party's PM candidate, Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh on Saturday said that Modi is a person who let down every person who supported him. Further, he asked that such a person who is not trust worthy and who is responsible for the division of NDA and parting of JD (U), how will he rule the country and how will he be able to keep the country united. Sep 14, 2013
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Advani has right to object, Modi anointed by majority votes: MG Vaidya

Nagpur, Sep 14 (ANI): After BJP announce Narendra Modi as its prime ministerial candidate even after objections from LK Advani, RSS veteran leader MG Vaidya said on Saturday that BJP is a secular party and even minister have right to present his point of view on certain decisions and that decision on Modi came on majority votes. Further, talking about Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh's tweet saying that the decision came under pressure from RSS, Vaidya said that he should not be taken seriously and he has no idea about what RSS is. Sep 14, 2013
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Bomb blast kills 9, injures 11 in Manipur

Imphal, Sep 14 (ANI): An unexpected bomb blast has claimed 9 lives and injured 11 others at Imphal in Manipur on Friday. According to police, the bomb exploded at around 7.35 p.m inside a makeshift shed of certain workers in the city. Reportedly, the incident took place when a group of migrant labourers, hailing from the neighbouring state of Assam were resting in this temporary shed. Sep 14, 2013
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Even BJP knew of ___opportunistic___ Nitish___s intentions: BJP

Patna, Sep 14 (ANI): Even as Bihar Chief, Nitish Kumar on Saturday said that Gujarat Chief, Narendra Modi___s elevation as BJP___s PM candidate was not at all surprising, Bihar BJP Leader, Giriraj Singh hit back at Nitish saying even BJP knew of opportunistic Nitish___s intentions. Sep 14, 2013
rajnath-singh-promises-economy-boost-up-in-bjp-regime Play

Rajnath Singh promises economy boost up in BJP regime

Mumbai, Sep 14 (ANI): Addressing the party workers, BJP President Rajnath Singh, on the backdrop of failing economy in the country, promised that economy under the BJP government will boost up and will be looked upon by the foreign countries. He further criticized the UPA government for devastating the earlier flaring economy during Atal Bihari Vajpaee's governance. Sep 14, 2013
ap-singh-draws-flak-over-remark-on-character-of-women Play

AP Singh draws flak over remark on character of women

New Delhi/Bhopal, Sep 14 (ANI): Defence lawyer of Delhi gang rape convicts AP Singh drew flak from women activists over his remark on character of women. Even though his remarks were highly criticized as "patriarchal" and "misogynistic", Singh stood by his comment that he has the guts to burn his daughter or sister alive, if she indulges into pre-marital sex. The lawyer faced public ire after his hysterical presentation of the Delhi gang rape case. Singh___s clients were sentenced to death for rape, murder and destruction of evidence on Friday by a fast track court in New Delhi. Sep 14, 2013
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PM hands over newly-built flats to slum dwellers in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, Sep 14 (ANI): Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh distributed keys of newly-built flats to slum dwellers in Chandigarh on Saturday while adding that the central government aims to provide 1 million houses to the poor. Singh handed over documents to the beneficiaries in Dhanas area of the union territory under the slum rehabilitation scheme and said that the aim for such initiatives is to work towards a slum-free India. He added that rapid urbanisation was putting pressure on urban centres. Under the scheme, a total of 8,448 flats ware expected to be handed over to slum dwellers. The flats built under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewable Mission (JNNURM) by the Chandigarh Housing Board are expected to accommodate over 40,000 people. Sep 14, 2013
at-least-bjp-work-under-local-pressure-unlike-congress-s-foreign-pressure-naqvi Play

At least BJP work under local pressure, unlike Congress___s foreign pressure: Naqvi

New Delhi, Sep 14 (ANI): After Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh took a shot at BJP and said that Narendra Modi___s anointment comes in the backdrop of diktat from RSS, BJP Vice President Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that At least BJP work under the pressure of local party and administration, unlike Congress Party which work under the pressure of foreign leadership. After shooting an indirect comment on Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Naqvi said that the party is in unison and that there is no objection on Modi. Sep 14, 2013