chadians-in-the-central-african-try-to-flee Play

Chadians in the Central African try to flee

Chadians living in the Central African Republic try to flee the violence. AFP journalists saw dozens of people packed into lorries headed north and accompanied by Chadian MISCA troops.Duration:00:41 Jan 17, 2014
hollandes-ex-partner-says-page-needs-to-be-turned Play

Hollande's ex-partner says 'page needs to be turned'

Segolene Royal, the former partner of French President Francois Hollande and mother of his four children, declines to comment directly on Hollande's alleged affair with a French actress, saying that 'the page needs to be turned.' Duration: 00:28 Jan 17, 2014
amnesty-condemns-nigerias-anti-gay-marriage-law Play

Amnesty condemns Nigeria's anti-gay marriage law

Nigeria provoked international outrage earlier this week after President Goodluck Jonathan ratified a controversial bill outlawing gay marriage and same-sex unions under threat of imprisonment. Duration: 00:48 Jan 17, 2014
hundreds-of-people-turn-out-to-show-support-for-thai-election Play

Hundreds of people turn out to show support for Thai election

Hundreds of Thais turned out to show support for planned elections on Thursday. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has called an election for February 2 in an effort to defuse the kingdom's deepening political crisis but the main opposition Democrat Party is boycotting the polls, which they fear will only return the Shinawatra family to power. Jan 16, 2014
hariri-killing-trial-opens-with-lebanon-tensions-high Play

Hariri killing trial opens with Lebanon tensions high

Four Hezbollah members went on trial in absentia at a special UN tribunal on Thursday accused of murdering Lebanon's former premier Rafiq Hariri in a 2005 car bombing, as sectarian tensions ran high in the Middle East country. Jan 16, 2014