urs-of-sufi-saint-wahab-khar-shows-interfaith-harmony-in-kashmir Play

Urs of sufi saint Wahab Khar shows interfaith harmony in Kashmir

Kashmir, April 28 (ANI): The beautiful state of Jammu and Kashmir is known for attracting tourists from all over the world. The essence of its divine exquisiteness and the unity with which its people work together to keep it alive, spares nobody to visit the state at least ones in a lifetime. This utmost togetherness amongst people belonging to different communities spreads a message of communal harmony. A similar example comes from the saffron town of Pampore district in Kashmir where devotees practicing different religions together visit the shrine of Wahab Khar to celebrate his annual Urs. Khar, a mystic poet known for his spiritual powers and unique method of transforming thoughts into poetry in a unique way, is known by people for his ideologies of brotherhood. Apr 28, 2014
easter-brings-joy-for-all-in-kerala Play

Easter brings joy for all in Kerala

Kerala, April 28 (ANI): The state of Kerala, located in southern India, is not just a tourist hotspot but it is also the forerunner among Indian states in education, living standards, and harmonious coexistence. There is mutual affection and co-operation among different communities and people celebrate all festivals jointly with enthusiasm. Easter is one such occasion. The festival brings joy, not just for Christians, but for everyone alike. A large number of people from different religions gather on the occasion to light candles and pray for peace. Apr 28, 2014
congress-says-bjp-in-aggressive-bid-to-snatch-power Play

Congress says BJP in aggressive bid to snatch power

Kolkata, April 28 (ANI): Congress Leader, Anand Sharma, said Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its ideological mentor Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is aggressively campaigning for gaining power. Sharma, while addressing a news conference in Kolkata, said BJP-RSS were unfairly targeting Congress' United Progressive Alliance (UPA). Sharma also added that the BJP has been misusing the resources for their propaganda and publicity. Apr 28, 2014
kashmiris-dont-need-certificate-of-secularism-from-modi-omar-abdullah Play

Kashmiris don't need certificate of secularism from Modi: Omar Abdullah

Srinagar, April 28 (ANI): Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Monday said the BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi is the opposite of being secular, and added that he has insulted all Kashmiris through his statement. He further said that Modi has a habit to manipulate history and he brings up the topic of Kashmiri Pandits whenever it suited him. Apr 28, 2014
bjp-terms-robert-vadras-land-dealing-as-huge-scandal Play

BJP terms Robert Vadra's land dealing as huge scandal

New Delhi, April 28 (ANI): BJP spokesperson, Nirmala Sitharaman, on Monday said that her party would continue to question the issue of land dealings, which involves Congress party president Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law, Robert Vadra till Sonia and Rahul Gandhi come clean on it. The Wall Street Journal in an article claimed that in 2012 Vadra sold more than 72 crore rupees of property and he still held real estate valued at 252 crore rupees. The BJP termed it as a massive scandal which resulted in injustice to many people of Haryana and Rajasthan. Sitharaman also questioned Sonia Gandhi and Congress vice-president, Rahul Gandhi's silence on the matter. Apr 28, 2014

Regional leaders in Tamil Nadu pay tribute to Major Mukund Vardarajan killed in Shopian

Chennai, April 28 (ANI): The Tamil Nadu government and the regional Congress leaders on Monday paid homage to one of the security personnel, Major Mukund Vardarajan at his Chennai residence. Major Mukund Vardarajan and sepoy Vikram Singh were killed by militants during an overnight gun battle that started Friday in Shopian, which is 55 kilometres away from Kashmir's summer capital Srinagar. Senior Congress leader E V K S Elangovan said fighting militancy is the biggest challenge in front of the country. Both the security personnel are survived by their wives and children. Acting on a tip-off about a militant hideout, security forces launched the search operation to flush them out. The militants were reportedly asked to surrender but they resorted to firing, triggering the gunfight. Apr 28, 2014
congress-protests-against-ramdev-over-his-derogatory-remark Play

Congress protests against Ramdev over his derogatory remark

Bhopal / Bangalore, April 28 (ANI): Congress supporters and workers protested in various parts of the country on Monday against yoga guru Ramdev over his derogatory remarks on party's vice-president, Rahul Gandhi. Ramdev had said Gandhi visits Dalit households for picnics and honeymoon, which triggered a storm especially among Dalit community. In IT hub Bangalore, members of the youth Congress party and Schedule Caste department took to streets and shouted slogans against Ramdev. Following Ramdev's remarks, Election Commission banned Ramdev from conducting any meetings and programmes in Lucknow till May 16, the day results of general elections will be announced. Apr 28, 2014
congress-has-set-world-record-in-corruption-nitin-gadkari Play

Congress has set world record in corruption: Nitin Gadkari

Lucknow, Apr 28 (ANI): Senior BJP leader, Nitin Gadkari, on Monday said that the country is reeling under inflation and price rise due to wrong economic policies and mis-governance of Congress party-led central government. Addressing a news conference in Lucknow, Gadkari slammed Congress party and its alliance United Progressive Alliance (UPA), saying they had created a world record in corruption. Gadkari said people of the country are hopeful of Narendra Modi and believe that a change will come in the country. Apr 28, 2014
5-navy-cadets-arrested-for-molesting-woman-in-mumbai Play

5 Navy cadets arrested for molesting woman in Mumbai

Mumbai, April 28 (ANI): Mumbai police arrested five navy cadets for allegedly molesting a woman in a Mumbai pub and then chasing her auto. The incident took place when the 25-year-old housewife went to a pub along with her husband and a friend. The couple was dancing when the cadets allegedly misbehaved with her. The officers waited for the victim after the pub authorities asked them to leave. The victim called the police while on the chase and later, the police arrested the five accused. ACP Shivaji Rao Kolekar said that investigation is on and that the court has given them to police custody. Apr 28, 2014
rahul-gandhi-addresses-rally-in-bhatinda-takes-dig-at-narendra-modi Play

Rahul Gandhi addresses rally in Bhatinda, takes dig at Narendra Modi

Bhatinda, Apr 28 (ANI): Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi sought votes for party candidate from Bathinda Lok Sabha constituency Manpreet Singh Badal on the final day of campaigning of Punjab on Monday. He said at the rally that Congress is fighting in Gujarat for the rights of the Sikh farmers facing eviction there. He further took a dig at Narendra Modi saying that Modi doesn't see corruption in Punjab, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Apr 28, 2014
sikh-temporal-authority-holds-bikram-singh-majithia-guilty-of-religious-misconduct Play

Sikh temporal authority holds Bikram Singh Majithia guilty of religious misconduct

Amritsar/ Maharashtra, April 28 (ANI): One of the five seats of temporal authority in Sikhism, Takht Sri Hazur Sahib, in Maharashtra, held Punjab revenue minister, Bikram Singh Majithia, guilty of religious misconduct for distorting words of compositions of the Sikh Gurus, 'Gurbani', during an election rally. Takht Sri Hazur Sahib in Nanded district has declared Majithia as 'tankhaiya' (guilty of religious misconduct) for showing disrespect to the sacred compositions of the Sikh Gurus. The former president of Takht Sri Hazur Sahib, Laddu Singh Mahajan, said the diktat of declaring Majithia 'tankhaiya' has come amid protests by the Sikhs. Apr 28, 2014
rss-ideologue-calls-for-slapping-sedition-charges-against-farooq-abdullah Play

RSS ideologue calls for slapping sedition charges against Farooq Abdullah

Nagpur, April 28 (ANI): Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) ideologue Virag Pachpor on Monday termed National Conference (NC) chief, Farooq Abdullah's comments as objectionable, and said sedition charges must be filed against the latter. The RSS ideologue also added that electing one person as prime minister cannot break the nation, and instead, asked the National Conference chief to come forward and discuss developmental issues. Jammu and Kashmir National Conference (NC) chief Farooq Abdullah said Sunday that Kashmir will not be a part of India if Modi is voted to power. Addressing an election rally, Abdullah, who is also Union New and Renewable Energy Minister, said the people of Kashmir wouldn't accept a communal person. Apr 28, 2014
i-also-know-enough-english-used-honeymoon-word-metaphorically-ramdev Play

I also know enough English, used 'honeymoon' word metaphorically: Ramdev

Kangra, April 28 (ANI): Despite an Election Commission ban on his campaigns in Lucknow, yoga guru Ramdev, while holding a press conference in Himachal Pradesh, accused the Congress of misusing the Election Commission. Ramdev claimed that he used the word 'honeymoon' in a political context and the Congress has changed the context. Apr 28, 2014
indian-rock-band-pays-tribute-to-pink-floyds-progressive-and-psychedelic-music Play

Indian rock band pays tribute to Pink Floyd's progressive and psychedelic music

Imphal, Apr 28 (ANI): Music lovers cheered as an Indian rock band in Manipur paid a tribute to Pink Floyd, an English rock band that achieved international acclaim with their progressive and psychedelic music. Enthusiasts crowded the venue of rock music show in Imphal in a bid to promote peace, harmony and tranquillity in the province. A three-member alternative rock band based in Bangalore, Grief Card performed during the show while another rock band, Think Floyd, which was conceived in 2006, paid a musical tribute to Pink Floyd. Apr 28, 2014