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India reintroduces onion export price to help curb inflation

New Delhi/Chandigarh, June 18 (ANI): India on Tuesday set a minimum export price for onions of $300 per tonne to discourage overseas shipments amid an inflation scare that threatens to stoke public anger over rising prices at local food markets. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made tackling inflation as his top priority after widespread resentment about rising prices contributed to the exit of the previous government last month. After wholesale price inflation accelerated to a five-month high in May, the new government imposed the price rule on onions three months after the previous administration withdrew it. After a meeting with the representatives of various ministries on Tuesday, he said certain measures have been advised to the states to crackdown on hoarders. Meanwhile, to help the farmers he added that government had advised states to de-list fruits and vegetables so that farmers can save on the middle man's commission. Jun 18, 2014
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Trade union, officials plan to rehabilitate India's iconic Ambassador Car workers

West Bengal/ New Delhi, June 18 (ANI): Trade union and officials held a tripartite meeting in Kolkata in a bid to rehabilitate the country's iconic Ambassador Car workers and discussed the back wage payment issue of nullified employees. The meeting was held between Ambassador Car company management, trade union and government officials. Earlier, the maker of the iconic Ambassador car- long hailed as the ultimate choice of Indian officialdom -halted its production on May 24, citing weak demand and a lack of funds, casting a shadow on the future of a vehicle, the appearance of which has essentially remained unchanged for more than five decades. Approximately 2, 600 workers had been left hapless much before the factory was shut. Jun 18, 2014
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India's Philately department cashes on FIFA world cup postage stamp

Allahabad, June 18 (ANI): Philately department of India's most populace state of Uttar Pradesh boosted sales of postage tickets as it recently launched a commemorative FIFA World Cup stamp, as the football fever catches on. The postage department said the sales have doubled due to the ongoing FIFA World cup. India is soon to host the under 17 World Cup and if anything can be said from the sales of these stamps it is that football is fast gaining popularity in India. The tournament where 32 nations have participated is the most watched event around the world. Jun 18, 2014
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Soccer fan in Kerala names his house on favourite soccer team 'Brazil'

Kerala, June 18 (ANI): An ardent follower of FIFA World Cup rebuilt his house in Thrissur district of Kerala and named it after his favourite soccer team 'Brazil'. Shaji, who has named his house 'Brazil Niwas' (Brazil Residence), decided to renovate it two years back and has painted it in colours of Brazil soccer team. Several household items, even toys, have Brazil's national flag painted on them. Shaji collected items like cap, jersey, horn and slippers, which helped him to nurture his passion towards sport and also the team. Shaji's passion for the game started during 1986 World Cup, when Brazil and France played. He wishes to visit his favourite country, Brazil, to watch the match. Jun 18, 2014
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Shift in China's policy to hit Indian cotton and yarn exports

Coimbatore, June 18 (ANI): Indian raw cotton exports are expected to plummet around 20 percent in the next crop year, with demand from China fading as Beijing unwinds a controversial stockpiling scheme. That would be greater than the nearly 6 percent drop touted for this year, with the change in Chinese policy coming on top of rising cotton consumption in India and a spurt in exports of finished yarn. Cotton markets around the world have been watching closely as China abandons a stockpiling scheme under which it has amassed more than 10 million tonnes of the fibre - around 60 percent of global cotton inventories. The policy had driven up import demand by removing cotton from the domestic market and pushing up local prices. Jun 18, 2014
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Church in Ukraine's Slavyansk damaged by shelling

The anti-Kiev activists' checkpoint in eastern Slavyansk came under the fire on Monday, damaging the Seraphim Sarovsky Church, located about 200 meters away, and the bridge connecting the suburb to the center of town. Duration: 00:29 Jun 18, 2014