'Bigg Boss 5': Who is Pooja Misrra?

The word from the "Bigg Boss 5" house in Karjat, Maharashtra, is all about the behavior and attitude of contestant, Pooja Misrra. The 27-year-old model was accused, by recently eliminated contestant Gulabo Sapera, of eating "incense sticks to get high". Oct 18, 2011

Bollywood Trends: Industry Leaning Towards Youth? [SLIDESHOW]

In what appears to be a growing trend, Bollywood is turning towards the largest (in terms of numbers) section of the Indian population - youngsters. Bollywood must believe that this move will help them explore the demographic for further talent. Oct 17, 2011

Kim Kardashian and Shah Rukh Khan to Work Together?

Bollywood seems to be getting attention from across the world. After Paris Hilton, another American socialite - Kim Kardashian - has reportedly evinced interest in working in the country's film industry. Oct 16, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan Reveals Soft Side

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) reveals that he has a soft spot for women. The star admitted that he loves the company of women more than men. The 45-year-old made this announcement at a chat show recently, after being asked the question by fellow-actor Preity Zinta. Oct 16, 2011

One in Three Women Carry Extra Shoes in Handbag: Report

A new study in the United Kingdom centering on women's choice of footwear has found "one in three women carry a comfortable pair of shoes in their handbag to change into when their high-heeled shoes start to ache." Oct 16, 2011

Top 10: Best Female Bollywood Dancer

According to an online poll conducted by "Top 10 Bollywood", Katrina Kaif is regarded as the best female dancer in the industry. Genelia D'Souza rounds of the Top Ten. Oct 15, 2011

Bollywood: Actresses Coming Back After Marriage

It used to be believed that once a Bollywood heroine became a married woman, her stint in B-town had run its course. It used to be the case that former heroines, no less beautiful or graceful, would be relegated to television appearances and becoming brand ambassadors for products. The times, however, have changed. Nowadays, the burden of a post-marital career isn't quite what it was. Oct 15, 2011