Countries affected by coronavirus

Alas! 69,607 people have recovered from coronavirus globally

Now that's a positive relief, an air of optimism to breathe for the infected and their families amidst the soaring number of deaths caused by the deadly coronavirus, and most reports confirming no cure for the infected. Over 50,000 people have recovered in China's Hubei province worst-hit by Covid-19 and Iran has seen over 2,900 recoveries, also few coronavirus victims from India have been cured. Mar 14, 2020
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India declares COVID-19 a national 'disaster'

The Ministry of Home Affairs on Saturday, 14 March, declared COVID-19 as a national 'disaster' and announced to provide ex-gratia relief of Rs 4 lakh to the families who died of the virus. Mar 14, 2020
Basic protective measures against Coronavirus

Home quarantine guidelines for Covid-19 patients: Most important tips everyone must know

The Directorate General of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) issued home-quarantine guidelines in case of suspects of novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) disease wherein focal clusters are arising from travel related transmission in an individual, or if a person is coming back from COVID-19 affected areas where local and community transmission is evident. Mar 14, 2020
Coronavirus stays in the air for 30 min

India's first coronavirus survivor shares her story: How did she get cured?

A 20-year-old medical student from Thrissur in Kerala was tested positive for coronavirus on January 30, in a week after returning from Wuhan, China. She was discharged from the hospital on February 20, but was asked to remain in-home quarantine until March 1. Do you wonder how she got cured? Read on... Mar 14, 2020