The Karnataka government on Saturday issued an order to private hospitals. The order signed by Vijay Bhaskar the chief secretary to the Government of Karnataka stated that private hospitals and medical colleges cannot refuse treatment to COVID-19 patients and those showing symptoms of Coronavirus, else they will be booked under the Disaster Management Act, 2005. 

The order was issued in light of complaints from authorities and patients who reported that private hospitals have been refusing to admit patients. The government issued a strong order, even as the cases in the state increases rapidly. 

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State government order private hospitals not to refuse COVID-19 treatment

The rise in cases of Coronavirus in Karnataka has alarmed the state. In light of the rising cases, the government had acted quickly in getting private hospitals on board to assist in the containing the spread and to have beds available. The idea was to prevent the state's public health from being overwhelmed and expand options as cases continue to rise fast.

However, it was certain that this move would come with its challenges in implementation. It came to the government's notice that private hospitals enlisted were refusing to admit COVID-19 patients and treat those with symptoms like that of the virus. The Karnataka government has now issued an order to the private hospitals and medical colleges to not refuse treatment to patients. 

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These refusals will be seen as a violation of Section 11 of the Karnataka Private Medical Establishment Act, 2017. This section mandates that private medical establishments should actively participate in national and state health programmes.

Refusing to treat a patient when there is an emergency and in a pandemic, K Sudhakar said on Twitter will have serious consequences.

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