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Padma Sarvangasana - Lotus in Shoulderstand

In this video Shantala demonstrates how to Padmasana in Sarvangasana which is the lotus in shoulder posture. This yogic exercise stimulates function of the thyroid gland, kidneys and abdominal organs. Stimulates circulation and the breath. Strengthens the arms and the entire muscles of the trunk. This Asana should not be practiced with a hyperactive thyroid or high blood pressure. Twitter: YouTube: A Ventuno Production Jan 24, 2014
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Health Benefits of Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are a rich source of pinoleic acid, which is a fatty acid that scientific research has proven to be an appetite suppressant. In this episode of Dieting Right we will see the health benefits of Pine Nuts. Facebook : Twitter : YouTube : A Ventuno Production Jan 24, 2014
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Do you want to cut heart failure risk? Exercise more and sit less

New Delhi, Jan 22 (ANI): Researchers have found that sitting for long periods increases heart failure risk in men, even for those who exercise regularly. Deborah Rohm Young, Ph.D., lead researcher and a senior scientist at Kaiser Permanente in California, has advised to be more active and sit less. Jan 22, 2014