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Key to happiness may lie in matrimony

New Delhi, Jan 1 (ANI): Married people are much happier with their personal levels of success than others, who are just in relationships, a new poll has found. A Happiness Poll of 2,000 adults, by GE, found that more than 52 per cent were happy or very happy with their level of success, however, for people married or in a civil partnership, the figure went up to 60 per cent. Jan 1, 2014
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'Good night's sleep' essential for brain health

New Delhi, Jan 1 (ANI): Researchers have found that one night of sleep depravity can cause morning blood concentrations of molecules NSE and S-100B to increase in healthy young men. These molecules are typically found in the brain. Thus, their rise in blood after sleep loss may indicate that a lack of snoozing might be conducive to a loss of brain tissue. Jan 1, 2014
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Committed people sext when they don't really want to: Study

New Delhi, Jan 1 (ANI): A new study has revealed that college-age sexters in committed relationships frequently engage in unwanted sexting. According to the study done by Purdue University Fort Wayne, people exchange explicit message or photos for reasons that have little to do with attraction or arousal. Jan 1, 2014
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Now, wellness bar that offers to cure your hangovers

New Delhi, Dec 30 (ANI): A New York pharmacist has put on offer a wellness bar that he claims could help cure your hangover. Stanley George's pharmacy on the Lower East Side fills prescriptions and also has on offer a wellness bar with his trademarked 'Drinks and Drugs' menu. Dec 30, 2013
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Slowing down eating speed reduces hunger

New Delhi, Dec 30 (ANI): A new study by Indian origin researcher has suggested that the ability to control energy intake may be affected by the speed at which we eat, and a high eating rate may impair the relationship between the sensory signals and processes that regulate how much we eat. In order to learn more about the relationship between eating speed and energy intake, a team of researchers in the Department of Kinesiology at Texas Christian University took a look at how eating speed affects calories consumed during a meal. Dec 30, 2013
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Worst time to have coffee in the day revealed

New Delhi, Dec 25 (ANI): A new study has revealed that the worst time to consume caffeine in the day is six hours before bedtime as it can have significant, disruptive effects on sleep. The study led by Christopher Drake, PhD, investigator at the Henry Ford Sleep Disorders and Research Center, showed that about 2-3 cups of coffee taken at bedtime, three and even six hours prior to bedtime significantly disrupts sleep.. Dec 25, 2013
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20 mins of extra walking every day slashes cardiovascular disease risk

New Delhi, Dec 22 (ANI): A new study has revealed that walking just 20 minutes extra every day could cut the risk of cardiovascular episodes such as heart attacks by eight per cent. According to experts, increasing daily exercise by just 2,000 steps may be good for older people who may struggle to exercise regularly and is recommended for the overweight and those with a family history of diabetes. Study's lead author Dr Thomas Yates, of Leicester University, said their results provide novel evidence that changing physical activity levels through simply increasing the number of steps taken can substantially reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It found an extra 2,000 steps a day over one year - 20 minutes of moderate walking daily - cuts the risk of cardiovascular -episodes such as heart attacks by eight per cent. The study is published in journal The Lancet. Dec 22, 2013
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Drink beer fearlessly with health benefits

New Delhi, Dec 19 (ANI): As the holiday season is starting, lets round up with all the benefits of drinking beer and reasons why you should love this awesome drink. Firstly, moderate drinking is good for you and you live longer with moderate drinking. As compared to wine or spirits, beer is perfect with lower alcohol and many antioxidants including protein and vitamin B. Secondly, beer doesn't need preservatives as it has alcohol and it is all-natural as orange juice or milk. Dec 19, 2013
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Key to healthy heart: Apples

New Delhi, Dec 18 (ANI): A new research has found that apart from keeping the doctor away, apples can also be effective in preventing heart attacks and strokes in people over 50s. Dec 18, 2013