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Couples with children likelier to cheat

New Delhi, July 29 (ANI): A new study has revealed that married couples with kids cheat more than the childless. According to the study, parents are nearly twice as likely to cheat as married people without children, a leading daily reported. The study of 1,000 18- to 49-year-olds found that 18 percent of parents said they've strayed, compared to only 11 percent of childless married people. Melissa Lavigne-Delville, the San Francisco-based culture and trend expert who conducted the study, said that many parents are logging onto social networks like Facebook and Instagram for emotional fulfillment. Jul 29, 2014
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Taylor Swift turns love advice guru!

New Delhi, July 29 (ANI): Taylor Swift recently became a lover life adviser on Instagram after she gave a sweet advice about unanswered love to a young fan whose crush had a girlfriend. The 24-year-old singer told her fan Hannah that according to her unreturned love was just as valid as any other kind and it was just as crushing and just as thrilling and no matter what happened in this situation, what her fan was doing was selfless, beautiful and kind, a US Magazine reported. The American songstress asserted that one loves someone purely because one loved them, not because one thought that they will ever have their affections reciprocated. Swift told her fan that someday she will find someone who will love her in that exact same way. Jul 29, 2014
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Dhansika Plays the Contemporary Bride on the Ramp

Starlet Dhansika, dressed in a pink lehenga takes to the runway at the Chennai International Fashion Week. Designer John Tyson kept her look simple with soft make up and her hair left loose. Take a look at how Dhansika charmed everyone with her runway walk. Jul 29, 2014
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French Fashion

Zhen and Mossi’s collection line-up was dominated with the colour white. The pristine imagery on the ramp was brought together with delicate cuts, embellishments and silhouette flow and structure. Titled ‘Poetry of a Tear’ the collection is a blend of French design sensibilities and Indian culture. They work with drape sleeves, kerchief hems, plunging necklines, [...] Jul 29, 2014