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Zayn Malik's wedding plans delayed due to work commitments

New Delhi, Nov 30 (ANI): One Direction member Zayn Malik has postponed his wedding to his fiancee Perrie Edwards, it has been revealed.The duo was supposed to tie the knot in 2015, however their busy schedules have not allowed them to do so, a leading daily reported. A friend of the 21-year-old singer said that there had been all this talk of a wedding, where Perrie wanted a big Disney-themed day but the reality was they had to delay it. The friend asserted that the duo was so busy that they have decided they will have to have a long engagement. Malik and Perrie got engaged in 2013. Nov 30, 2014
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Jennifer Aniston knew her future wasn't as messenger or waitress

New Delhi, Nov 30 (ANI): Jennifer Aniston, who was a bicycle messenger in New York in her early days, has revealed that she knew her future wasn't as a messenger or waitress. The 45-year-old actress, who was pretty fast on the bike but not so good on directions in New York, said in an interview that she apologizes for all those envelopes and packages which arrived late, a leading daily reported. The 'Friends' star added that she actually had fun on the bike, but not so much fun being a waitress, which was the "worst" job she ever had. Nov 30, 2014