Rider Strong as Shawn returns to GIrl Meets World in Season 3 episode 6
Rider Strong as Shawn returns to GIrl Meets World in Season 3 episode 6Screenshot/Youtube

"Girl Meets World" Season 3 has been doing a great job at showing what it means to be a teenager. From emotions to relationships, Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) are going to get a taste of everything this season.

The ongoing topic in Season 3 since the previously aired "Girl Meets Triangle" has been Maya getting lost in her best friend's loud and quirky personality. From the beginning of the show, we have seen in Maya and Riley a replica of Shawn (Rider Strong) and Cory's (Ben Savage) friendship.

Seeing as Shawn and Maya come from broken homes, they are a little more rebellious than their friends. However, recently, Maya has been behaving more goody-two-shoes than usual and is becoming increasingly evident that she has left her presidency in Mayaville to take up citizenship in Riley Town.

Riley, however, will not stand for this and she wants Maya to see how amazing and awesome she truly is. With the adults in the lives failing to bring Maya back, Riley takes her on an adventure.

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In the upcoming Season 3 episode 6 "Girl Meets Uptown," we learn that they are going to pay good old uncle Shawn a visit. In the promo, Shawn asks Maya, "You came to see me because you've disappeared a little?" before adding, "You came to the right place."

It is understood that Strong will also be directing a couple of upcoming episodes.

From the set photo it is clear that these will be the "Girl Meets Ski Lodge" episodes, which is expected to bring a solution to the love triangle between Riley, Maya and Lucas (Peyton Meyer). Although Lucas said that he came to a decision regarding who he wants to date in the previous episode, a resolution to the romantic tension between the trio will be revealed only in episodes 8 and 9.