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The main cast of Facebook/Looking

HBO's upcoming special "Looking" is bittersweet for the fans of the TV show. On one hand, we are happy that Patrick (Jonathan Groff) will get some sort of closure and all the loose ends in the story will be tied up, on the other this also means the end of "Looking."

The Season 2 finale of "Looking," which was aired over a year ago on March 22, 2015, had shown Patrick feeling completely lost in life after breaking off his relationship with Kevin (Russell Tovey). He was heartbroken on hearing that Kevin wanted to see other people while dating him and decided that he could not live like that. Patrick then went to Richie (Raúl Castillo) and asked him to change his haircut.

Although "Looking" focuses on the lives of four gay men navigating through life trying to live a happy life, most of the show's interest arises from Patrick's romantic endeavours. Most fans of "Looking" are divided by their choice of Kevin or Richie.

From the trailer for the film released by HBO, it looks like there has been a time jump. He has returned to San Fransico for someone's wedding and our best bet is Agustin (Frankie J Alvarez) and Eddie (Daniel Franzese). In the trailer Agustin is heard asking Patrick "What happens if I hurt Eddie?" because he believes that it is "what I [Augustin] do."

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Returning for the wedding will force Patrick to revisit the past and things that he thought he had left behind. He finally chooses between Kevin and Richie, although an interesting new prospective romantic interest has been thrown into the mix in the form of Dom (Murray Bartlett).

As fans know, they did date in the past, but Dom was a little superficial and chose to date younger men. In the trailer Patrick asks his older friend, "So what if we got together now? This has been staring us in the face the whole time."

Although it seems like a mere musing on Patrick's part, fans have already picked up on it and have formed a third camp.