Kei from Lovelyz is debuting as an actress
Kei from Lovelyz is debuting as an actressFacebook/Kei-Lovelyz

Kei, the adorable member of the girl band Lovelyz, is going to make her debut as an actress with the upcoming K-drama "Matching! Boys Archery Club." She has been filming since June 25 for the show, which is expected to be aired in May via Naver TV Cast.

According to AllKPop, Kei will be portraying a Webtoon artist in the show. For those who don't know, webtoons are the South Korean webcomics or manhwa that are generally published online.

The name of the show is attributed to the fact that she goes to an archery club for boys for inspiration. Obviously, at least one of the boys in the club will be a romantic interest for Kei's character and we can't wait to see who she would be paired with.

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It is understood that the Girls' Generation member will be a cast member along with child actress Jang Jimin. Tyustar will also have a supporting role in "Matching! Boys Archery." He has confirmed this news with his Instagram posts:

Behind-the scenes photos from the sets of "Matching! Boys' Archery" have been shared by onehallyu.