Sydney: Police share video of murdered Chinese womans last known movements

University of Technology Sydney graduate Mengmei “Michelle” Leng was found murdered at Snapper Point, outside of Sydney, on 24 April at 10.30am. Police recovered Leng’s naked body, which had been stabbed multiple times, from a blowhole at the popular tourist spot. She had no jewellery, no personal items and no tattoos, and remained unidentified for three days. Apr 29, 2016

NYPD video shows biggest gang bust in New York history

Video released by the NYPD on 27 April shows US authorities arresting 120 reputed rival gang members and their associates for murder, robbery, drug dealing and other charges. Those arrested were members and associates of the Big Money Bosses (BMB) and 2Fly YGz (2Fly) gangs. Apr 28, 2016