karen danczuk
Former Rochdale councillor Karen Danczuk speaks out against rapist brother.Twitter/Karen Danczuk

A former Labour councillor and ex-wife of MP Simon Danczuk in the United Kingdom, Karen Danczuk, has accused her brother, who is five years older than her, of raping her since she was 11 years old.

"I would always pretend to be asleep and lie with my back to him, facing the wall. I was terrified and confused but I didn't know what else to do," she told the Sun. 

The self-admitted 'Queen of the Selfie' said that she was raped on a weekly basis from age 11 to 16. 

Michael Burke, 38, her brother was convicted of raping her and two other victims at Manchestor Crown Court. 

The sexual abuse by her own brother ruined her childhood and schooling. Karen said that she left school with "crap" qualifications.

The first time she admitted to anyone about the rape was a clinical psychologist in 2009, whom she visited when she felt suicidal and depressed.  

"I can't trust anyone like, even my husband," she said. "I don't let anyone in, I just can't give 100 per cent." Her marriage to Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk broke in 2015. 

She added: "My anxiety, I have suffered with depression and anxiety through the majority of my adult life. I can't love anyone. It sounds terrible. I'm just waiting every single time for someone to hurt me. It's just been horrible."

"To this day I have grown up and fought my whole life to change my childhood. I decided I would come forward, that was my choice.

"Before I ever became famous I was seeking help, before I ever knew I would end up in the public eye. This idea that it is just attention, this has ruined my life. I have had a horrendous life, it's a fact. This is why I have had help from doctors because it's a fact. Days when you have, being dead makes more sense than being alive. think I finally felt ready to face it, I'm ready to see this through, he can't get away with what he did. My life has been hell for what he's done, I don't want anything, I want closure," she said after her brother's lawyer accused her of seeking attention by going first to the papers and not the police. 

Burke had alleged that he was the victim of a conspiracy and that the allegations against him were made up.