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Is this a good time to invest in gold?

The ongoing geopolitical tension between the United States and North Korea and on the domestic front the rise of inflation made gold investment a safe bet. Oct 8, 2017
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US plays spoilsport with OPEC

President Donald Trump's proposal to sell half of the United States' strategic oil reserve runs counters OPEC's efforts to control supply in order to boost prices. May 23, 2017
How Putin has gained power from terrorism in Russia Play

How Putin has gained power from terrorism in Russia

An explosion killed at least 10 people and injured about dozens others in the metro of Saint Petersburg, Russia, on Monday, according to Russian news agencies. Since Vladimir Putin came to power in 1999, Russians have heard about hundreds of terrorist attacks—bombed apartments, cars, buildings, trains, and airplanes. Putin has taken advantage of these so frequently to consolidate his power that people often tend, with no proof, to believe conspiracy theories suggesting the involvement of Russia’s special services or various powerful clans behind the attacks. Apr 5, 2017