The financial market has been extremely volatile ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke out. But the market took a shocking turn after Monday's collapse. Wall Street's major averages closed sharply lower on Monday as market sentiment was dented by a historic drop in US crude prices.

The oil price crashed and fell into negative due to expiry, trailing at minus $37.63. Since this news is all over social media and there's good justification as to why the crude price fell to a historic low. But on a lighter note, Twitter had a field day with memes about the oil price crash - so much that #CrudeOil, #OilPrices, #OilCrash and #Negative were the top trending hashtags on Twitter.

Crude oil price drop
Crude oil price dropPixabay

Hilarious memes on oil crash

It is good to share a laugh in these tense times and what's better than something that's not coronavirus.